Well….this is my last week as at student at Westminster College. About this time last spring, I was dreading graduation because that meant I had to say goodbye to many of my closest friends. We all came in at the same time, but because of my late major change, we weren’t all leaving together.

As I sat with my best friend’s mom, I couldn’t help but wish I was walking across that stage with them. I would have given anything to experience that with them, but there was nothing I could do. I didn’t want to come back for an extra year without them. I thought I was going to be miserable without my best friends; but I was wrong.

This fifth year brought me so many joys that I wasn’t expecting. Because of this extra year, I gained:

  • Another year with my sorority sisters
  • The opportunity to coach volleyball alongside my former coaches
  • New and existing relationships
  • Another year living right down the street from my boyfriend
  • The ability to run track for another year


Along with building relationships and simply having the luxury of staying in college another year, I grew as a person this year. I feel ready to move on. This year prepped me mentally to have the ability to take care of myself and move forward.

Some of my favorite memories from my fifth year include:

  • Getting closer with my sisters and having late night wine nights
  • Being a part of the volleyball and track teams again
  • Watching the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight at the Epsilon house
  • Laying by the lake and getting tan (more like red)
  • Visiting Root Sports in Pittsburgh with my Capstone class
  • Having my own apartment in town
  • Playing flag football and volleyball during Greek Week


This year was amazing and I’m so happy that I was able to stay another year. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything and I will look back on this year and do nothing but smile. As much as I missed my friends, I made new ones and had the time of my life. I want to thank everyone for making my fifth year an incredible one. I love you all!