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This is going to be a little bit of a weird post, but I find it interesting.

I recently read an article about the man who killed Jeffrey Dahmer in jail. I have a fascination with Dahmer, not because of what he is known for but I almost have a connection with him (I’ll explain, I swear I’m not a serial killer).

tumblr_nm2at4RakX1u7m9opo1_500Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences for killing 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He didn’t simply kill these men, but he would have sex with their corpses and would keep parts of the bodies in various parts of his apartment and eat other parts.

My family owns a cake and candy supply store and after high school, Dahmer worked at a chocolate factory where we actually bought some of our chocolate from. After he was arrested, people would call the factory and call us and ask questions to make sure he never came in contact with the chocolate they were buying from us and from the factory. He worked in shipping I think so he didn’t touch the chocolate.

My father’s friend Eric also lives in the house Dahmer grew up in and where took his first victim, just days after his high school graduation. He also had a fascination with killing animals as a boy, and Eric told me when he was doing some landscaping he found animal bones all over the property.


Christopher Scarver

If that wasn’t weird enough, a women who works for my father was related to Dahmer’s first victim! It’s a bit creepy how “connected” we are I guess (if you want to call it that). But the man who murdered him in prison just came out last week with the reason why he killed him. Christopher Scarver, sometimes seen as a hero for taking Dahmer’s life, said Dahmer would mold his food into shapes of limbs and use ketchup to resemble blood and leave it around the prison to creep out other prisoners or just eat it. He frightened guards as well. He would say things to guards when they were close enough just to see the fear in their eyes. I’m not condoning killing, but I think Scarver gave Dahmer what he deserved. He was tormenting everyone around him, even while incarcerated. He had to be stopped.

coverThis was one messed up man! I recently bought my father the book My Friend Dahmer, mostly as a joke because his friend is still in the house, but also because it’s intriguing to see how a deranged child grew into this famous cannibal psychopath. The book was written and drawn by famous cartoonist Derf. Darf knew Dahmer in high school and had a friendship with him, and it’s in this book where he tells the world of Dahmer’s life from 12-years-old to the killing of his first victim.

I have a weird fascination with anything remotely creepy. Eric said I’m welcome to come to the house anytime to check it out, I might have to take him up on that offer.