howOld_taylorI’ve been seeing this site recently where you upload a picture and it tells you how old you are based on your picture. I don’t understand how they can guess your age just with your picture.

Created by Microsoft, as said above, the purpose of the site is to guess age. Microsoft stated that this face-detecting software can be used in their new software to sort through large amounts of pictures on someone’s computer. I had a lot of fun with this sScreen Shot 2015-05-02 at 7.15.37 PMite because I think it’s interesting to see how old I look. Every photo I uploaded I received anywhere between 27 and 35 (and I’m 23). So 27 isn’t bad I guess, but I don’t want to be 35 yet!

It’s interesting to compare my friends faces too. In this picture, my friend who got 28 is actually 23 as well.

Below are a few others that I found either to be funny or fairly accurate.