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This evening, I attended Westminster’s opening night of Dance Theater, which is an organization on campus where students come together and dance. The students are the choreographers and the students are in charge of putting on an amazing show in the spring each year. Every year, I am just amazed by how talented these young women are.

I started dancing when I was four-years-old with your typical gymnastics, tap and ballet classes. Once I got older, I tried more and more things. Dance to me was my outlet. If I had a bad day at school, going to dance class later that day would wipe away whatever I was worrying about in my life. Obviously, the life of a four-year-old wasn’t hard, but in middle school and high school, it was my chance to get away; to find myself. It gave me a great appreciation for all types of music because the different ways you could move your body to them.

3193100_origI wish I never would have stopped dancing. Some days I think about going into the dance studio on campus and just dance my problems and stress away like I used to. That might have worked when I was 12, but now in the adult world I’ve come to realize it’s not that simple. Sometimes the stress doesn’t go away, or it might leave for a day or two, then come right back, slapping you in the face.

Graduation is closing in and it’s safe to say that my stress might be at an all-time high. I may need to explore some new outlets for channeling my stress like dancing used to. Many people workout or go running, but it’s almost the calmness of dance movements that put me in the clouds. All I can say is that I’m incredibly thankful for the 14 years I was able to dance and express myself through the music.

Whether it’s in your basement or living room, or on a stage in front of tons of people, I think everyone should dance. You don’t have to be great at it. Heck, you don’t even have to have a lick of rhythm in you. Just dance. This is extremely cheesy, but dance to free your soul. That’s exactly what it feels like to get lost in the music. That’s what I miss most. That adrenaline of standing on stage with everyone’s eyes on you, then the music starts and their faces fade away and you almost forget you’re being watched.

After writing this post, I may have to take up dancing again!!