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Social media is a huge and important part of our society now and most companies are pretty active on it whether it’s for a product, service or cause. Many public relations campaigns are carried out on social media because the company knows it will be seen. There are many successful and unsuccessful campaigns just in the last year. What I want to know is, why do some work and some don’t?

0818_ice_bucket_challenge_970-630x420Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for example. It started with a baseball player nominating some friends and it grew into this worldwide campaign for raising money for ALS. It took a while to really make its mark on social media, but once it did it spread like wild fire. It got people talking; news stations, talk shows, celebrities and athletes everywhere were talking about the Ice Bucket Challenge. Just from these viral videos, the ALS Foundation received $31.5 million between July 29 and August 30. That is an insane amount of money in such a short period of time. All together, the challenge gave the foundation over $115 million! Although I do realize that it was not created for PR efforts, but I still see it as one of the most successful campaigns of 2014.

dog-on-tinder-profile1Another PR stunt worth mentioning was one that I didn’t actually hear much about while it was happening, but more after the fact, was Tinder. Tinder the famous dating app partnered with animal rescue groups and created profiles for puppies in need of homes. Whoever thought of that is a genius! First off, everyone loves dogs and secondly, I think it was time for Tinder to have more of a positive reputation. I have never used Tinder and I think it sounds a bit weird. I’ve heard the stories and I don’t want any part of it. If I am ever looking for a dog, I might go on Tinder and see if I can find a match!

really-cosby-memeI mentioned Bill Cosby in one of my previous posts about Eddie Murphy. After the rape allegations came to light, Cosby’s marketing team thought it would be a great idea to tweet “Go ahead, meme me!” with a picture of him. There was an online generator people were using to create these memes, but was soon shut down due to the language people were using. Then the hashtag #Cosbymeme became popular.