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536676_1280x720Last night I was on my way back to campus from my PAC Track and Field Indoor Championship, when someone hands me their phone and asks “what color is this dress?” I immediately said “well, white and gold of course!” The five people around me were stunned because they said the dress was black and blue.

At first, I thought they were messing with me, and for a second, I started to think I was going insane and didn’t know my colors. They thought the same when I gave my answer. We continued to pass the phone around the bus to see what everyone else had to say. It was a pretty entertaining bus ride to say the least.

As I was getting ready for class this morning, I hopped on social media and saw nothing but this dress and people talking about it. I saw a few articles containing facts and explanations from scientists telling us why some people see white and gold and some see black and blue.

My boyfriend looked at the picture this morning and saw white and gold. I just showed it to him again and he saw it as black and blue. Needless to say, he’s a little freaked out!

Which_ColourThe photograph above was taken from the site linked in the paragraph above. The middle photograph is the original and the right and left pictures have had white balance adjustments added. Some articles argue that the dress is actually white and gold, while others are 100% certain that the white is indeed blue. Maybe we will never find out….