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All of you Saturday Night Live (SNL) lovers were probably as upset as I was that Eddie Murphy did not have a big role in the 40th anniversary show. Murphy was supposed to play the role of Bill Cosby in the Jeopardy skit with a classic Cosby interpretation. However, last minute Murphy chose to not go on.

Cosby, started out as a stand-up comedian and was then featured on shows such as Fat Albert and The Bill Cosby Show. Almost 30 years later, women started to come forward about rape allegations against Cosby. He has been the center of the media for a while because of these allegations.

I don’t think that Murphy’s role as Cosby was going to be negative in any way. I doubt he would have brought the rape allegations up, so I would have liked to see him portray Cosby. Murphy said to a fellow actor that he “will not kick a man when he [Cosby] is down.”

Some may think that Murphy was weak for making this decision, but others may consider him strong and classy for doing what he did. Many actors that were also there that said expressed that they would have portrayed Cosby in a heartbeat, but they understood why Murphy did not.

I understand as well. Murphy leaves a great legacy behind on SNL and as said in the video below, he “doesn’t need the laughs.” Which when you really think about it, it makes complete sense. People respect him and will continue to.

This video is from TODAY and I think they did a great story on SNL 40 and Eddie Murphy.