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Super Bowl XLIX commercials went right along with my last post. It seemed that companies were taking more of a serious tone with the commercials. Instead of being memorable by being funny, they wanted to make an impact by being controversial and emotional. There’s already some debate over the messages of some of the commercials.

I was expecting funny and creative, but instead I felt more emotional watching these commercials than ever before. When using Google to search for the best Super Bowl 2015 commercials, most sites list the funniest and most entertaining. The serious commercials are tagged as being the most “controversial” and most “talked-about” this year. Below are the commercials I thought did a great job expressing company values. Some may have pushed the envelope quite a bit, but I think they are still extremely successful.

Nationwide – “Make Safe Happen”


Nationwide’s commercial was to express the message that the number one cause of childhood deaths are preventable accidents. I think this ad was a bit too serious for the viewers of the Super Bowl. I really appreciate the message they were conveying, but I think it should have been done in a different way. It was almost a shock when you realized that the children who were talking were actually dead. It made me extremely sad and I almost wished I hadn’t seen it at all.

Budweiser – “Lost Dog”


Once again, Budweiser hits the nail on the head with the dog and Clydesdale’s. It provoked many different types of emotions throughout the whole commercial and I think was very well done.

McDonald’s – “Pay With Lovin'”


McDonald’s had aired two commercials during the Super Bowl this year. The first was a teaser showing the surprised customers when they were told the new payment method. The second commercial finally told us what the payment was. This campaign is a great way to tell McDonald’s audiences what they are all about and what they value the most. The use of a commercial during the Super Bowl was a great way to introduce it.

Sprint’s Apology


I think this ad was pretty risky for Sprint. It started as an apology, then quickly turned into a joke. I don’t think they took this opportunity appropriately. I’m not saying they should have created a serious commercial to get their point across, but this one might have caused some problems and may even cause the other companies to retaliate in the future.


Super Bowl 2015 definitely took a more serious route for the larger companies, but there were many entertaining and funny ones as well. There were many more good and bad commercials that I would have loved to discuss, but for your sake I’ll cut it off at four. It will be interesting to see what next year’s Super Bowl brings since it will be the 50th anniversary.