Image    I was interested in advertising on social media and how greatly it can impact businesses. Will the businesses that refuse to adapt social media into their campaigns fall behind those that do? I believe that they will and so do experts on social media and advertising. It is a way to reach a very broad audience in a timely manner.

    I watched a video on YouTube titled “Here’s an Idea – Orabrush $ Social Media Advertising” by Hal Brice. Hal’s company, HEILBrice, specializes in marketing and communications. In the video, Brice discusses the importance of using social media to promote a product. Orabrush is a company that produces toothbrushes that is competing with the major oral competitors in the market. At first, their only advertising was with YouTube videos showing a man in a tongue costume and another in a lab coat and goggles (much like the “Will It Blend” man). They decided to buy advertisements on Facebook targeting Walmart. They then received an order from 3,500 stores for the brushes. This goes to show how big of an impact social media can have.

    If found this video very informational and interesting because instead of someone lecturing on their theories of social media and listing statistics, I got to see a real situation where it benefited a company. The CEO of Orabrush was interviewed and you heard his amazement when he discussed how he went from making and selling these brushes out of his garage to having a nationwide company. The YouTube videos got their foot in the door, but the real miracle worker was the Facebook advertisements. They attracted a huge amount of attention.

Social media is becoming a huge part of the business world and they are all about to see the impact it can have on its sales.