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1.) Be Original 

If you found a news article to be interesting and you want to tweet it, change the title and make it your own so it stands out on your followers news feeds. If other people had retweeted the same article, yours will stand out because the title is your own creation causing more people to retweet it.

2.) Be Short

Try to stay around 120 characters in your tweets so when someone decides to retweet it, it leaves enough room for them to add anything. People are more likely to read a short tweet that’s to the point than a longer tweet that seems to drag on.

3.) Space Out Your Tweets

No one wants their news feed filled with your tweets every half hour. You need to know when your followers are most active and post during that time. If you get most of your favorites and retweets during the middle of the day, then that is when you should post the majority of your tweets.

4.) Be Engaging

Yes it’s always nice to have a lot of followers, but if you don’t keep your followers engaged, they can easily unfollow you. It’s important to encourage interaction and participation with your tweets. Keep your followers interested and intrigued with the content of your tweets. Don’t forget to respond to others’ tweets as well. If you respond to their tweets, most likely they will respond to yours in return.

5.) Don’t Broadcast

Don’t tell people about you and what you are doing (unless it’s a VERY small amount). No one is going to retweet your tweet about a person who cut you in line at McDonald’s or the afternoon bus that you missed and you had to walk home. Most people won’t be interested in that sort of thing. Make your tweets interesting to your followers.

6.) Be Positive

People like positive people. Be enthusiastic when you retweet other tweets or share information. Spread good news in your tweets, not the bad. There is no point in spreading sad/angry information because no one will want to respond to it.



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